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Google Earth Map Tiles KML Export

Is there any intent to add the Google Earth Map Tiles export feature from Mapper into Matic? Or is this something that can be done with a partner software like Survey?

Hi @brian.cook1

Thanks for asking. We’re considering adding this format as export. There have been a couple of different format that were requested for the Orthomosaic export, so we are looking to better understand which ones should be implemented first.

Can you tell me more about when you would use those KML tiles? and why/when this is more suitable than the GeoTIFF export (or other kinds of exports)?

This will help to understand the need better.

Hey Pierangelo,

We make use of the Google tiles quite liberally with some of our clients. When we complete operations for local businesses, or for our Municipality, they don’t always have the ability or tools to make use of GeoTiff filetypes. Google Tiles are the best way for our clients to quickly review data, and for others, the only way for them to reliably make use of it.

When working with the data in CAD or providing to engineering though, we use the GeoTiff and LAS exports almost exclusively.

I should also clarify, even when doing “smaller” jobs for our local clients, we can easily exceed 2000 photos, and we leverage our DJI P1 which captures at 45mp. Even this exceeds the listed spec of Mapper. We are looking to migrate to Matic as our primary processing platform and possibly begin making use of Survey to streamline things. I hope this explains where we are coming from when requesting this.

Hey @brian.cook1

Thanks for taking the time to explain, this helps! I’m adding this in our product backlog.

If there are other needs to move to PIX4Dmatic, please create new posts in the community and we’ll have a look.

fyi in case you don’t apply it yet, if you have 45MP images you can set image scale to 1/2 in the “Calibrate” processing options in PIX4Dmatic, it should provide equivalent calibration results in the majority of cases and deliver them faster.