PNG & KML file outputs that can be directly uploaded to eMotion

I have no other use for Pix4Dmapper besides making google tiles (KML,PNG) for eMotion. This is not worth it when Matic and Survey save me so much processing time. If there was a way to directly send my flight image to eMotion as a map that would be very helpful for planning missions/landings.

Hi @mike10

Thanks for the feedback. If I understand correctly, you fly an area a first time, so that you can produce and orthomosaic in PIX4Dmatic to have an up to date background map in eMotion, so that you have a clear picture of the area you’re going to fly. Then, you would make another flight plan to make a more detailed map? I’m not sure I got this right, please correct me if I did not get it.

Do you know if eMotion takes any other formats as input, e.g. geolocated JPG? I couldn’t find any documentation about this with a quick search. May be worth to ask this to senseFly too.

Well noted though, I believe that KML export could be practical in any case for viewing in Google Earth, etc…