Exporting KML files using GIS software for flight plans.

I am planning to use pix4dcapture to map out several large areas this summer. I have mapped the AOI using QGIS and have them ready as a .shp files. I tried exporting them as a .kml and then loading them in Pix4dcapture but they don’t seem to import. I’ve tried several ways of exporting the .kml’s and none of them seem to be working. I would like to avoid using google earth engine as this will be repeated several times and using GEE is tedious and slow.
I’ve started to suspect that the problem lies in the several attributes that QGIS generates in the .kml file when it is exported. I therefore ask if someone here knows which attributes Pix4dcapture needs and what they have to contain?
These are the attributes QGIS creates:

Does anyone know if some of these values are necessary or wrong?
Has someone found a solution to exporting .shp files from QGIS to Pix4dcapture?

I noticed in other .kml files that I’ve gotten to work that the attributes have other values f.x. these:

But when I tried generating a .kml using QGIS with only those attributes (although with other values) it still didn’t work.
See f.x.

Can it be that the Name and Description need to be the same?
Can the value for altitudeMode, tessellate or visibility matter?
I am using the newest version of Pix4dcapture
Sorry for several comments but I was not allowed to upload 3 images any other way.

Hi @it16 ,

The article below describes the steps below describe how to create a .kml/.kmz file with Google Earth Pro and how to make it available in the app in order to plan a flight. Can you please have a look and try out our suggestions?