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Export to eMotion - Tiles

Would it be possible to add an export for react to be able to get the quickly processed map into eMotion or other flight planning apps?

There is a potentially great workflow using a small quadcopter to very quickly survey a new site with very low overlap and process it in react, that way you can import the updated map into eMotion or something similar to be able to have an updated view of the area of takeoff for the eBee.

Doing this before flight on a recently treed site or even in an emergency situation where the satellite imagery isn’t up to date can be extremely helpful for fixed wing flight planning.


Thanks for sharing this interesting workflow with us; we really appreciate your feedback. At the moment, this functionality is not available in Pix4Dreact, but we informed this to our team. I am curious about the current workflow that you follow in those cases where satellite imagery is not up to date. Could you please let me know?


So currently there isn’t a super great alternative.

What I have customers do with the ebee is walk it to the start location of the landing area and make a waypoint there, then walk down in a straight ish line to the edge of where the landing can take place. Then drop in the landing flight path. It’s a little clunky and very nerve racking for customers when they can’t see exactly where this is landing and can’t get a good idea after it’s already in the air and is maybe off course a bit because of wind.

My suggestion now is to either take an anafi up and do a quick flight first, maybe a day or two before the planned ebee flight, since control isn’t necessary and pre load it into emotion. But it’s not a great easy option because you can’t always get there the day before, mapper takes awhile to process even smaller jobs, especially if their laptop isn’t a super high end one because they normally process on their desktop (or in the cloud), and the overlap requirements are a bit higher in mapper to get the orthos to stitch from what I’ve seen in the past.

Being able to get react to output those google map tiles/emotion tiles would really help those customers on site for the first time that don’t have updated imagery, first time fixed wing pilots in general, and could have a handful of other uses for GIS professionals to work with.

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Thanks for the clear explanation. I shared the request and explanation with the team, and I also added this to the feature request section of the community. In this section, your suggestion will have more weight since other users can vote for this feature.