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Selecting images to remove/disable in Map View

The payload in our Fixed Wing UAS is set to trigger every 2 seconds. This results in collecting images thoughout the entire flight. I only intend to utilize the images over the Area of Interest. If the area was a perfect Cardinal Square, I could filter out the images by Geolocation Positions. My AOI is an odd shape which is challenging to flush out the unwanted pictures. Is there any way to draw a boundary within the Map View Screen to select images to disable from the Initial Processing?

Just to elaborate alittle further: I want to throw out all the turning images in a non-nadar view (while the UAS in in a roll/bank).

Yes that’s a good idea. I could also use such a feature. To remove unwanted image what I found is to draw a processing area for the point cloud in the map view in pix4d. The automatic tie points are still generated for all images but at least the densified point cloud is only generated inside the area. This already reduces the processing time.


Thank you for the feedback. It is a good suggestion to be able to disable the images in the Map View, we will pass it to our product management team.

As Alex mentioned, you can draw processing areas in the Map View to generate the point cloud and for the orthomosaic only in the area. Please find here more information about the processing areas:

However, this will not disable the images.


Productivity would certainly improve if we could window the photos we want to disable. I have a 1400 acre project, so the number of turning images alone is significant. Will this feature be available any time soon?

Has the idea or function to graphically select images, thus creating and assigning a set of images for removal from processing (and thus contributions to outputs) been implemented? I note the discussion was active more than 2 years ago but has no recent activity.

The feature of removing images in the Map View is not yet implemented.

To remove the images you can open Image Properties editor and disable the image by clicking on the check mark under Enabled for the images that are to be removed.

More info on how to remove images from a project can be found here:


“The feature of removing images in the Map View is not yet implemented.”


Question: Is the feature being implemented? If so, what is the planned release date for the feature?




We have reported the need to our product manager who will review the suggestion for future improvement. Therefore we are not able to provide a release date as it is not part of the pipeline for now.

Thank you for the feedback.

I would also like to emphasize how useful this would be! Please add to the pipeline!!

This feature would absolutely change my life.

With the Sequoia on auto interval it captures lots of images that are inside the project area but not desired to be in the project, such as when the UAV is returning from mission or heading back to mission for a battery change. 

If the UAV is ascending or descending during these transitions, these images cause the project to crash during the first stage of processing, as there are sometimes hundreds of images captured at differing altitudes.

Being able to click on the image icon in map view before processing and being able to delete / remove / disable that image would save so much time.

Even better if you could select two images and delete everything between them!



Here’s a shot showing Pix4D crashing due to non removal of images taken at different altitudes as discussed above.

Thanks for documenting an example where this would be useful Colin. If the processing issue could not be solved by removing the images manually, feel free to create a new post in the Processing topic so that we can further investigate it. 

I have moved this post to the Product feedback topic of the community.