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Hi Pix4D Team,

Would be neat if we could edit the pictures out when in the Map View in Pix4D. I mean a couple of times I find that the number of pictures chosen is too many for the extant of the map I am about to start but I cant do much because this was the flight plan. So rather then going back to my setup or through Google Earth trying to identify each and every picture that I would like to edit out it would be convenient and less time consuming if we could just select pictures out from the Map View before starting our first Initial Processing.



It seems to me that you can draw a point cloud densification area in the map view. It will only be this region that will be processed, so even if you have more pictures, it won’t cost you computation wise. 

Yes you can draw that area along with the ortho area as well

Won’t the images outside of the drawn boundaries still be used, but cropped from the final result? If so, processing is not reduced.

Well yes, but if the images contain some part of the processing area, you probably want to use them anyway.

If the image does not touch the processing area, I don’t think it would be used

The whole reason behind this was to reduce processing especially in the initial stage. I process 2000+ images at times and well the initial stage processing time can be reduced also if the processing area drawn will remove all other images that are not intersecting it. And from what I’ve experienced even though at times the processing area has been drawn and you are expecting a faster stage 1 completion the initial stage still takes as long because it still takes into account those images that are lying outside of the processing area. And I know this is true because if you decide to switch off the processing area after stage 1 you will see the rest of the outside areas appear meaning that it had to of been processed initially in the 1st stage. The good news is that stage 2 & 3 are much faster once the processing area has been designated.

Cheers Everyone.