Feature Request for Pix4Dmatic: Enable/Disable the input image

Hi. I am Michael. Currently, I am using Pix4DCatch data + viDoc RTK and later will be processed using Pix4Dmatic. In Agisoft Metashape, we can select and deselect the image that will be processed.

It would be convenient to have it on the Pix4D interface.


Hi @Michael_vashni

Is it like “deactivating” certain images for the processing? e.g. if you see they’re blurry.
In PIX4Dmatic you can “delete” one or multiple images from a project, but it’s best to do this before any processing starts, otherwise the processing needs to be started again.

We had it in our minds to add a “deactivate” image functionality, but if you could describe more why exactly this would be useful it will help to prioritize this development.


I think the ‘activate / deactive’ button will allow to user which image that will be processed or not. Blurred image could be one of the issues. For another case, in my case some of the image were not processed correctly. So I would like to try to process those image within the same project, maybe just disable it for a moment until I find the correct solution to process it. After I figure how to process it, I just enable those images and re-process it without the need to create new project.

On second thought, when I saw your reply, I just realized maybe a ‘multiple-selection’ button could help solve the problem (maybe like pressing CTRL + left click or another) to allow the user to delete several images simultaneously. Currently, we are only allowed to select one image at a time, then right-click and delete. repeat this process until all bad images are removed. But it is not efficient if we have more than 50 bad photos. Yes, I can delete it from the original data, but personally I don’t like to touch or modify the original data.


Thanks for explaining!

btw multiselection exists in PIX4Dmatic, if you have the camera table open, you can select either in the 3D and it will select your images, or directly in the table and then you can delete the images.

We’ll need to add the “deactivate” too and we’re thinking of “sub-projects”, where you could do what you described, e.g. create groups, experiment, etc…