Project Image table

I would like to request a list/table of images in a project, similar to the table in the image properties editor in Pix4Dmapper.

Currently the only way to query and delete the images from a project is through the image viewer, which is not easily navigable.

In my instance, I had to remove two images that had corrupted EXIF data from a project. I knew which images I needed to remove thanks to the alert in the status panel, however to find those images in the image viewer I had to scroll and then hover over an image to wait for the tooltip to see the image name, then repeat over and over until I found the right image to delete.

The images were right next to each other, but I couldn’t select and remove them both, so after I removed the first one, the image viewer reset and I had to scroll and search again for the second image.

Suffice to say, it took me far longer to remove those two images from my project than to write this post, so if I can persuade someone to implement this change, then I will save myself and other lots of time if this happens again.

Hi @rory.oconnor ,

Thanks for sharing your experience and feedback!

We have plans to add such a table. This will help to easily find images for deleting them, but will also enable to view metadata (location, orientation, accuracy) and edit this metadata. The latter can have an impact on the calibration, e.g. changing the default accuracy values to something else.

As for the multi-selection, this is planned as well and should enable many more manipulations in the future. Something that would be nice to have would be to select cameras in the 3D view as well, e.g. to assign them to groups, or to remove cameras that are away from the region of interest.

In the meantime, something that might help to facilitate the search for images is to use the “Sort by” “alphabetical order” in the options of the image viewer:



Thanks @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler, glad to hear this is under consideration

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