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Is there a way to remove images from a project?

I am running into allocation errors during the calibration stage and I want to break up the project into smaller parts to make it doable for my computer. However, after poking around for awhile I haven’t seen any way to deselect images or choose a certain area to process. I would really like to avoid having to start a new project and therefore have to remark all my GCP’s. Has anyone been able to do this? I know that you can on pix4dmapper.

@uwrapid thanks for sharing the question on the community. My understanding is that you’re using PIX4Dmatic.

If your main worry is the need to remark GCPs, you shouldn’t worry, there is a way to export and import marks that you made in a project into a new project.

The export and import buttons are located here:

The steps would be:

  1. Export your marks from your current project
  2. Create another project with a subset of your images
  3. Import the GCPs and set their coordinate system
  4. Import the marks you exported in step 1)
  5. Run the processing.

The import is described here as well: Tie Points (GCPs, MTPs, and CPs) in PIX4Dmatic – Support

For the mid-long term we’re going to look into:

  • Processing areas
  • Automatic split/merge of large projects
  • Multiselection of images, so that you can remove/disable them

Hope this helps, let me know if you could make it like that! Thanks!