How do I properly import a "Marked" GCP export file into the GCP editor?


I’ve tested a few times (unsuccessfully), importing a marked GCP file into the GCP editor of a new project.  


It has successfully imported.  Although, the coordinates are wrong (different) after I process (Initially or Full). 

Has anyone had this problem before? Is there something important that I should know when I import a marked GCP file into a new project that has been exported from an older one?





Hello Renee,

This feature is useful when you want to import the GCP marks from one instance of a project to another instance of the same project so as to process the same project more than once with different options, for example. 

This file includes the image coordinates of the marks of each GCP and they are image related. This means that if you create a new project with the images of a new dataset, it is not possible to use the same Marks file, because it refers to the images and the image coordinates of the original project.

Does this solves the issue you are facing? If not, can you please explain in more detail what steps you follow to reproduce the issue?

Best regards,

Sounds to me that previously defined GCPs cannot be used in new flight / project of the same site. You would have to open both projects of the same site simultaneously and identify the GCP on the new images. Is this correct? Is this the best way to “reuse” GCPs? 

Hi David,

Yes this is correct. GCP marks can be exported and imported into another project with the same images because the marks are specific to the images where they are located.

If you create a new project of the same site but at a different epoch, you have to mark again the GCPs on the second project. You can take advantage of the first project if you have it opened.