Requesting Design Overlay feature for Matic

Can Matic team incorporate Design Overlay or Superimpose 2D plans on Orthomosaic image. Real Estate Clients keep asking me for this. It helps a lot for us.

Also, why is Pix4D holding good features like this for Cloud only? People who have perpetual and pay for support updates ought to have same features as cloud. When i was purchasing all i was told is local processing vs cloud for perpetual vs cloud subscription. Features wise, it looks cloud has an advantage.

Hi @rayavarapunani

Thanks for your feedback.

Also, why is Pix4D holding good features like this for Cloud only?

There is a workaround, if you already have a PIX4Dcloud Advanced license, then you can assign the project created by the Share in PIX4Dmatic to a site. Doing this will give you access to the Design Overlay feature.
Even so, the product team will consider your feedback and see how this feature can be implemented from PIX4Dmatic.

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Hi Heydi,

I only have Matic and Survey Perpetual License. I do have Share to cloud on both standalone software’s i use - which is primarily for clients to download and view.

This is really an important feature for service providers in AEC industry. Real Estate clients see value in this for their planning and other aspects. They keep saying Ortho is a pretty picture of not much use. This feature makes the orthomosaic more productive feature than a marketing or status updating tool. I am requesting Matic team to consider it adding to the pertual license holders. Also, please let the sales team know, NOT TO TELL prospective buyers that there is no feature difference between perpetual and cloud as long as we pay for support and updates. There is a difference. It’s not simple LOCAL processing vs CLOUD Processing.

Hi @rayavarapunani, I agree that overlaying data on the 2D results is adding value. Right now we have the 2D viewer in PIX4Dmatic, but the ability to import DXF (and designs) in PIX4Dsurvey in the 3D view. We’re working towards having both of these together, so that you can view the design files on top of the 2D view too. It’s still going to take a while, but we’re working towards it. Thanks for your understanding and patience.