Cloud Advanced - Dashboard/compiled ortho view

For large long running sites it is not always viable or efficient to re-fly the full site every visit.

To allow our clients to view the data efficiently it would be fantastic to have an amalgamated ortho map inclusive of all datasets in a project.

eg. The ortho imagery layered in in chronological order with the latest project on the top.

This would allow a single reference page that will show the latest imagery that exists in an area. Possibly adding a tooltip to the marker tool to see the date of the data set the imagery is from.

Example project for us is a 400hectare site, all needs to be shown, however it is flown parcel by parcel as they become live. As such you just have to guess which date on the timeline is correct to compare changes (which when we can fly 3 parcels in a day in completely different areas of the site is hard to find). But if you were to separate into projects for parcels the client would have over 20+ links.

The ask is essentially for a master reference map and this would also solve the issue of sites with orthos that are too large for upload. allowing the user to decide to use more of their allowance per project.

Links to the project can be provided on request to pix4d staff.

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