matic vs cloud


We are currently using the Vidoc with the cloud license, although we have also tested this using matic. I have found that the results processed within cloud and matic differ quite a lot, with cloud providing a better result with a larger coverage. This is using the exact same project.

Can anyone tell me why there is a difference in the processing? Should there be? I have toggled through all the processing options within matic, but I cannot get the same results, and the cloud processed version is always better.

Thanks, Ant

Hi Ant,
I noticed that you have valid support and upgrade. Can you submit a support ticket with us so an agent can take a closer look? Please go to

I am in the same boat. It’s not a simple “having the same features, but the difference is processing in local machine vs processing on cloud” This is really disappointing thing for people who bought perpetual and still pay for support and updates each year. What’s the point of holding features when we pay for updates and support?

Hi @rayavarapunani,

Please could you share the quality report of both projects? The one processed locally with PIX4Dmatic and the one processed with PIX4Dcloud.

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