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Comparing Cloud Processing Speed to DroneDeploy and others

Granted I’m comparing a trial DD account to a trial Pix4D account but I processed a job with like about 1,000 photos and Pix4D Mapper (Cloud) did it in less than 5 hours and DD took like over a day.

I know the responses in this forum are going to be biased but has anyone else come over from DroneDeploy and noticed the same huge difference in processing time? Pix4D was even faster than MapsMadeEasy which I found was the fastest up until this point.

However I tried the Pix4D desktop program to do this same processing on a server with 32 CPU, 244GB RAM, and 2 Nvidia M60 cards and is was SLOW AS HELL compared to the cloud, and compared to Agisoft Photoscan!

Thank you for the feedback. I am glad the processing was smooth and fast on the cloud. Regarding local processing, this depends a lot on the machine specs. I would recommend this article that gathers a lot information on the topic.