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Using online Cloud Computers ( PaperSpace)

Instead of spending thousands of dollars buying a high end gaming machines to get high Cuda numbers, i am going to try out paperspace (

only cost around 0.40c USD per hour.

Has anyone else used an online cloud service for processing?



Yes, it seems not to have very good results for a number of reasons, but please report your experience back to the forum.

Have you tried to process a project on Pix4Dcloud before?
It might be a good alternative and provides a nice way of storing projects as well, there is more information in this article: 

If you run the software on a dedicated server or on a third party processing service you would need the Pix4Denterprise license. For this you can directly get in touch with our sales team at

Note that your feedback on how it went on these third party services would be interesting to read. 

I tested every variation of hardware on Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure…it is all garbage processing for what I needed.  Some cases may work okay on cloud processing and as Pierangelo said, Pix4Dcloud is your best bet.

If you can’t spend a few $1,000 on proper processing hardware to give your customer the best results then you have to question the business you are in…


The Pix Cloud is a good solution, and it does work most of the time.  I would love to have an option to pay for priority / faster processing in situations where I have a lot of projects to process in a short amount of time.  I have 2 computers that are very fast, but sometimes need to use them for exploitation of the data after it has been processed.  It would help the work flow significantly to have this option.  And if it is a pay per use or yearly fee option, hopefully that would pay for the necessary hardware on your end.  Just a thought.