How to use Pix4D mapper on Google cloud


I want to process 30 Sq kms of area. We have captured photographs using Sony A6 1000  camera using  Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro UAV and   25000 to 26000  photographs has been captured . 

I wanted to use Google cloud to process the data, kindly guide me to use Pix4D on Google cloud for faster and better performance.




If you would like to host the processing on your own server, I invite you to have a look at our Pix4Dengine Server license and the documentation that goes with it. 

Another possibility is to host Cloud processing with us, for which you would need a Pix4Dengine Cloud license for which there is also some documentation.

As for the processing itself, I would suggest to split the images in smaller groups, so that the outputs have a reasonable size. Let me know if you need more information. 

You will want to look at threads on hardware over here:

In general don’t just assume faster or better from the cloud or any “server” hardware with Pix4D.

Specifically on your setup, how are you getting the Sony on a P4?  That large of an area would be better served with a fixed wing most likely…how many batteries do you go through in 7,500 acres (at 400’ I figure about 30 with 70% overlap)?  Your project is about 600 gigapixels and should be processed in about 6 individual projects and merged after Pix4D.

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