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I need advice Using Phantom 4 pro for area 800 square km

Wish you all a great day,

Please I have some questions it will help me with project planning using phantom 4 pro:

Project Details:

Area 800 square KM, empty area only sand no special features on the ground, Required 30cm vertical accuracy.

The only required output is: DEM


1- Can I achieve the required accuracy without using GCP.

2- if I have to use the GCP what is the maximum altitude I can fly so I can see the GCP & and achieve the required accuracy.

3- I segmented the area into 800 zones each zone is 1 square km, at the end can I process all the pictures together in one project.

4- which is the best using fast mode or safe mode ?

5- What is the best speed mode fast or normal or slow ?

6- I have another Phantom 4 drone but not a pro version can I use both drones in the same project and process images together?

7- How many GCP do I need to install per zone.

Thank you all for your time.

This is a very large and complex project that you are undertaking. I believe the major problem that you are going to encounter (among many) is that sand is a very, perhaps extremely, difficult surface to model. There is simply not enough image content for PIX4Dmapper to generate enough keypoints. This will leave many of your cameras uncalibrated and your model will be incomplete. I would test a small area before you start this project because you simply not generate the results you are looking for.

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Thank you, Dear Michael

Yes, very large and complex and I still do not have enough information for the basic mission planning, I requested a site visit from the client I will try to make some samples in a different area to test the result.