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Replacing point cloud, in cloud


After processing a lot of stockpiles in the cloud, we had to classify the pointcloud seperately to remove some treadmills above some of the piles, to be able to make precise volume calculations. 

We then replaced the pointcloud under “Files” > “results” > “replace point cloud”. In the 3D model, the new pointcloud is shown, but when we make a volume calculation, it still calculate from the old point cloud with the treadmills above the piles.

The project is named: 10227_løgtved

How can that be? 


Best regards
Magnus Jorgensen


on the Cloud, volumes are computed on the DSM. This is why replacing the point cloud does not change the results. 

If you want the computation of the volumes, as well as the elevation profile, to be updated, you need to compute the DSM locally after having edited the point cloud and in the web interface replace the updated DSM too. Uploading a point cloud only updates the LAS file for display, not for any calculations.