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rayCloud and big problem

Hi guys,

My english is not that great so i am sorry if it is not so much understandable.

Question, does anyone know how to undo last changes to project? I have a project of city stadium to make. Only 270 pictures, non of them GPS tagged, 190 somehow got calibrated thru initial process. Rest of them i was doing manually by adding GCP’s so I could hit “calibrate”. That is my fourth day of work on it and just last few pictures left and problem appears. Cant remember the pictures names so i cant really deselect my last changes. Just on one of the last pictures i have got option “calibrate” so i did and then “rematch and optimize”. Now all my points GCP’s or these that automaticlly has been added by program are in one center point of project. Just can not imagine to go back and do it again from scratch.

Hey Piotr,

Try to process Step 1. Initial Processing without GCPs and after processing add your GCPs as indicated here:

If you want to manually calibrate a camera then you can follow the instructions:

Best Regards,