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Is there a way to export the RAW photos from Pix4d Capture instead of just the jpegs? I’m having issues with overexposed photos as well. 

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Hi Jordan,

At the moment it is not possible to capture RAW or DNG images with Pix4Dcapture because these image formats are not compatible with our software, Pix4D Desktop. We only support .jpeg and .tif. From our and users’ experience, processing .jpeg images generates model with high precision.

However, we have forwarded this suggestion to our product team for the mobile application.

If you need more information about the camera settings that are applied when flying Pix4Dcapture please see:


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Hi Jordan,

Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be a high priority for Pix4D. There have been a number of posts regarding this issue over the years, in fact going as far back as beta testing. All have received the same response informing the user of the incompatibilities of RAW imagery with Pix4D. There are advanced users who would like the ability to shoot in RAW and post-process their imagery, for example, in Adobe Lightroom, and I could myself as one of them. I’m unsure as to why Pix4D continues to restrict their users. DroneDeploy has the option to respect the camera settings of DJI GO, as well as a number of other apps, and I hope one day that Pix4Dcapture will, too.

A few reference posts:

May, 2017

March, 2017:

September, 2015:

May, 2015:



will the adobe products that can convert DNG to Tiff files keep the Geo data inside the files?

what program is best to batch convert the DNG to TIff files?


 Hi Pete,

I use Lightroom which comes with Adobe Photoshop these days to convert my dng and cr2 files to TIFF files. You can do this in a batch.

As a question to Pix4D could there just be a setting in the app that says “Use drone settings for capture” and then the Pix4D app just triggers the camera? This way I could get what ever file type I wanted, either video, jpg, raw or any other type.

I always dreamed of learning how to take such photos, thanks for the info!