capture app option for shooting in raw

Can you please add the option in the mapper app for camera settings. I would like to have my Phantom 2 Vision+ shoot in raw. That way I can convert the images to something lossless before processing in pix4d

Hi Kyle,
At the moment it is not possible to modify the camera settings in our application. For future versions of the app we are considering to add the possibility to change some options of the camera but probably not in the short term.

Since you cannot directly import raw images in Pix4Dmapper, this option would be more for advanced users. But it is a good point. We will pass your suggestion to our product management team so that they can see for a future version of the app.


Hopefully when the I1 support comes you will capture in Raw ?? Difference in quality is significant.

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, when the app for the Inspire 1 will be available it is unlikely that this feature will be present. Since it is currently not possible to import RAW images into our computer software, Pix4Dmapper. If this feature will be available, it will be in the long term.


Hi, for the vision plus you can not shoot in raw for less than 10s.


Will Pix4D be able to shoot pictures in RAW? My inspire 1 can shoot raw very quickly. The difference between raw and non raw is significant. Since all camera controls are in auto, you really need to bring the pictures in and clean them up and fix any exposure issues anyway. Please offer RAW for those of us that know how to use lightroom. Make it an option to shoot in raw.

Hi David,

At the moment it is not possible to capture RAW images because this image format is not compatible with our software, Pix4Dmapper. We only support .jpeg and .tif. However, I have forwarded this suggestion to our product development team.

If you need more information about the camera settings that are applied when flying Pix4Dcapture please see:


I also find the RAW images to be superior in quality.  It seems ironic that a professional level software like Pix4D does not have a capture app that supports this basic functionality.  I also think that this should be an option.  Otherwise there is not much point in using the Pix4d Capture app to conduct survey grade mapping.  Or is that the point?

Hi guys. I think I posted this before. I capture all my images in raw. Dual controller setup with an inspire. Master running capture app slave running dji go app. Once all connections are green my cameraman changes the photo setting to J&R and off we go.

Hello pix4D,

I would also really appreciate the RAW option. I fly a Mavic Pro and the difference between JPG and RAW is tremendous. the post-processing of the images can be done outside of pix4d and then afterwards the processed images can be imported into the desktop version. The results are just way better in terms of image quality!

please enable the RAW option asap.

why not shoot RAW+JPG so the pix4D software can process the JPG images if needed but the RAW images are still available on the SD card? there are many other image softwares that work like that. JPG image for preview + RAW image for post-processing. for example Q-DSLR dashboard for timelapse capturing - cutting out the RAW ability is ridiculous honestly and spoils the whole experience with pix4D (which is in general a very good experience!)

i do not understand the long-term only implementation strategy - like I said before: please implement ASAP

Hi Philipp,

For now, it is not in our pipeline to implement the possibility of shooting in the RAW format (or JPEG+Raw), as it is still not compatible with our software. We understand your need and pass your request on to the product development team.
Please consult the more recent community topic about capturing RAW imagery: Pix4DCapture Collecting Raw Imagery. Also, do not hesitate to share your experience with the other users.

We will now close this topic for comments, Thank you for understanding.