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Can the iOS Capture app please turn DJI Go's RAW setting back on?

Not sure if this is a bug, but this morning I flew a mission with the Capture app (3.4.0 (9)), then later flew with DJI Go (4.3.0). I should have double checked before shooting a whole project, but Go’s photo setting had been changed back to JPG from my default of RAW. None of my other drone or camera/video settings had been changed.

I know that Pix4D needs to shoot in JPG but I’m certain that I’ve shot a Capture mission in the past and didn’t need to manually change Go back to RAW. 


Thanks for any insight on this!

Hi Michael, 

It is not possible to capture RAW or DNG images with Pix4Dcapture because these image formats are not compatible with our software, Pix4D Desktop. We only support .jpeg and .tif. If RAW imagery is selected in DJI GO (4), it will not be taken into account in Pix4Dcapture.

From our and users’ experience, processing .jpeg images generate a model with high precision. However, we have forwarded this suggestion to our product team for the mobile application.

I would also recommend checking this community post for more information.


Thank you for the response. I understand the Pix4DCapture app must take photos in JPG. The issue is that if you use RAW in GO, the Pix4D app will change the DJI GO app mode to jpg but not change it back to RAW once a mission is complete. Is this a feature that can be added?


Thank you.

At the moment this feature is not available nor considered for future development of our free mobile application Pix4Dcapture.

For latest updates regarding this topic, I recommend following this community post and technical release notes.