DNG/RAW still not supported?

I was wondering why shooting in RAW is still not supported… I understand your mapper only uses tiff and jpeg but that doesn’t mean your users don’t have a need for shooting in RAW or DNG to give them some more flexibility regarding post processing of the photos. They can then use those RAW’s or converted RAW’s to create the model in RC or Meshroom etc.

If money is an issue I suggest you make a paid version and people like me would gladly pay a few (or a lot of) bucks to get what we need. I found piles of posts from 2017 from users requesting this exact option and now it’s 2022 and it’s still not possible… Very strange!

On another note… I have yet to fly a succesfull double grid pattern where the drone doesn’t get stuck at one point or another. Just hovering forever while taking pictures (in JPEG!) until I bring it home manually.

Tap2Map seems to know what’s going on though… I suggest you look into this :wink:

Hello @brecht.boelens, At the moment, we don’t have any plan to support the capturing of the RAW images during the image acquisition.
Regarding the double grid mission, we haven’t seen a similar issue with any other user so, I would recommend you to follow the steps explained in the below support article for troubleshooting.