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Acquiring Tiff images


I am using Inspire 1 drone with zenmuse X3 camera. I am making the following steps:

  1. Set the option for shooting images in raw or jpeg+raw in DJI GO app

  2. Then I make the mission in Pix4Dcapture app, not cloasing the DJI Go app

  3. Before starting the mission, camera settings get messed up and reset the camera parametres previously set up in DJI GO app.

As a result after the mission I only get jpeg without DNG images. Last year during the summer time, I was able to obtain at the same time the JPEG and DNG images (for the image settings in DJI GO - JPEG + RAW), but that was with the older version of Pix4D, DJI Go and older DJI Inspire 1 firmware. Before creating a project in Pix4D software I converted DNG to Tiff following the Camera Requirements For Precision Agriculture - Pix4D Support steps to get NDVI maps.It was successful.
Did you make some adjustments to the new version of Pix4D, so it resets the camera settings in the DJI GO?

Also I would like to ask if there is anybody else complaining about the problem same as mine?

Generally, I’m not sure if this problem is regarding the Pix4D, or DJI GO, or new DJI Inspire 1 firmware.

Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards.


I have the same Problem here! I need to to capture DNG or at least Tiff files to get good results for NDVI processing. 

There seems to be no way to make Pix4D capture in DNG anymore. I dont know why. There is obviously huge demand for this function but they seem not to be willing to implement it. 

I stopped using Pix4D. Dont ignore your customers or they will leave

Hi Georg,

In the current state of Pix4Dcapture, the images are saved in JPG format and it is not in our pipeline to implement functionalities to be able to save in other formats.
Note that the images recorded out of multispectral cameras like Parrot Sequoia or Micasense are automatically saved in TIFF format.

in Pix4Dmapper, images in TIFF and JPG images format can be processed and it is considered that for a use in Pix4Dmapper, both JPEG and TIFF images yield similar results in general.

I will share your request with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement this feature in the future.