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Pix4d Mapper And Raw Images

So here’s my question and it relates to the Inspire 1. I’ve found that the best quality / sharpness that I can get is when I shoot in Raw ad then run the images through Lightroom and export as either hi-res JPEG or Tiff. The captured Jpegs in my opinion aren’t the best option. When I compare the original JPEG vs the exported JPEG from Lightroom there’s a huge difference. So will / can the inspire be set to record raw images with the mapper flight plan and although this won’t allow cloud processing and checking but in my opinion it will give me the best output. At the moment I’m flying manual patterns of course but would like to use mapper when it’s updated. Thanks.

Saving raw files take longer then saving JPGs. I have gotten pretty good result in JPGs with my inspire.
Remember when flying manual patterns you can stop, shoot, wait, move which I doubt the app will do.

I really wish DJI would have given us ground control station capabilities.
BTW, I find it very challenging to keep a straight line when trying to capture data and flight at the same time - not enough fingers to work both sticks and the shutter.

Just one thing, be very careful with export options (presets) in Lightroom, most of them (built-in presets) compress, sharpen and do other stuff with your photos. Best way is to create your export template as full resolution export to tif or jpeg, without sharpening and other stuff that Lr offers you. My opinion is, if you use right Lr export settings you will get better jpeg conversion than with built-in camera conversion. Sorry if I am wrong, but many people just export from Lr with built-in presets… and it is a mistake…