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Quantix drone images

Does anyone here have experience using Pix4DFields with a Quantix drone? I’ve done a test stitch from a 150 acre field, and it stitched really well, (no surprise since Pix4D is pretty much the gold standard), but I’m not able to see the RBG layer. Plus, I’m not sure that it is correctly identifying the images as having been generated by the Quantix, and I can’t find the icmdb.xml file anywhere on my computer.



Hi Mark,

Are you processing the RGB images as a separate project and red, green, NIR images as another project? As soon as you process the images you will see the orthomosaic (RGB) and the DSM. Those are the very first outputs of Pix4Dfields.

In Pix4Dfields you can not see the icmdb.xml file. To check if the images were imported and read by the software I suggest you check in the log files: Here some instructions of how to get them or you can gladly contact support

Kind regards,


Thank you for the reply. I’m testing that now, and it looks like that’s exactly what was needed! Everything looks good.

Thanks again,


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