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Project Process Problems

So this is the third project that we try to process (earlier posts related to GCP’s not showing up on images, GCP’s hovering 30 m over ground and orientation swapped from east to west) and this time. We start a NADAR project of a stockpile area. We don’t have any geo-tags on our images so we use the work flow you suggested Method B. We bring in the photos and the project looks great at this stage. Now we try to bring in 3 GCP’s as directed in Method B and the project disappears from the raycloud screen?? Frustrated! 3 Project now and each time the GCP’s don’t show on images, hover 30m and swapped east-west or in this case try adding 3 GCP and the project disappears off the raycloud screen. We are obviously missing something. I’m not sure your directions are obvious about what that something is.

I have had this problem for two different reasons.
1.) If your GCPs are in a different coordinate system, i.e. Arbitrary feet, when you add them in and change the project coordinate system it shifts the project out of view until you reprocess. In this case you have to make sure you have selected images for each of the GCP’s and then reoptimize or reprocess “full process” step 1.
2.) I also had a problem when I had created a point cloud densification area prior to inserting GCP’s and then the project was moved outside of the area I had established. In this case I deleted the densification area and had to reprocess because I had already tried reprocessing the project with it “thinking” the point cloud was outside the area I wanted to process.
3.) Verify that if you are using XYZ coordinates for your GCP’s tha you enter them X=Easting, Y=Northing, and Z=Elevation or they could be flipped.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

Hi Robert,

Have you managed to solve your problems? As I see in our system, my colleague Paul is already in contact with you, trying to help you.

The comments of Whitnie Putnam are very useful. Thank you for your contribution.

Best regards,