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Mesh texture triangles



In my project I’ve created a pointcloud and mesh without any trouble. However, when adding GCPs and recreating (or reoptimizing) the project, the pointcloud appears very equally spread out and the mesh seems very… triangular. 

Is there any know solution for this or can someone help me out what I’m doing wrong? 

Many thanks. 

Hey Kragten, 

It seems that the project looks “stretched” after adding GCPs. Can you check if any of your GCPs is far from the main area of the project?

To do so, simply click on one of your GCPs and then click “F” on the keyboard. This will focus the screen on the GCP. Repeat this procedure for all your GCPs one by one. 

Do you see any of the GCPs to be far from the main area of your project?
Do you have a processing area included? 
Can you share the Quality Report of your project?

As a side note, ensure your graphics card is up to date as well.

Hi Marili, 

Thanks for such a quick reply. 

The GCPs are in the main area of the project. 

I do not have a processing area included. 

It might be an issue with the graphics card, though this does not occur when I process the images without MTP/GCP. 


Thanks again.

Hi Marili,


After updating the graphics card the problem still occurs. Can you help me out?

Thanks in advance. 


Hey Kragten, 

I can see that the project does not have image geolocation. Can you describe the procedure you followed to mark the GCPs? 

Since the project is in an arbitrary system (no image geolocation) but the GCPs are in a known Coordinate System (Amersfoort / RD new) I suspect that the problem might be caused because of that. 

Did you use the Basic Editor for instance? 


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