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Point cloud and triangle mesh bug

When I create the point cloud, it shows lots of “lines of points” instead of a 3D cloud. 

At first I thougt it was only a rendering error, but when I saw the triangle mesh I realized it’s something beyond my understandig.

The weirdest part is that the mesh changes when I look at it from another angle (this picture is the same view from above, just slightly rotated). somehow it behaves like triangle cloud or someting. If I export this mesh, the OBJ is the same garbage, so it just doesn’t look bad, it is bad.

And the thing gets even weirder: this project (only the step 1) was merged with another to create a chapel model, and it renders ok, the final cloud is ok and the mesh is as it should be.

Has anyone had this problem before?

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I have seen something similar happening to a point cloud once, at the time it was related to the size of the project and the GPU not being able to render it correctly. 

You mention that this project was merged with another project and it looked fine. Was that on the same computer? 

What about the hardware specifications (CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drive) of the computer? Are the GPU drivers up to date?

Could you post a Google Drive or WeTransfer (or any other file sharing service) link with the images? So I can try on my computer, to see if the same happens.