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Programm malfunction


When i run Pix4D from the desctop icon or when i try to open an existing work (job) the programm open and then close without a warning.

The programm starts and close instantly, does anyone have an idea or experienced the same problem???

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Release 3214 seems to have solved this!

Sorry! Still broken!

Same problem here. I can open the program, but as soon as i click inside the window, open project for example, i get “an error has occurred and the program will now close.”

All file menu windows in Pix4D Pro desktop cause crashes for me!

So I figured out some work-around to keep going until this bug goes away…grrrrr!

I am using a Dell and I will try this to see how it goes. Unfortunately that will require I get my system administrator involved and will probably extend the amount of time until i see if it has fixed the problem. Is there a way to get a longer trial period? I’ve burned through this one just trying to get the software loaded and working.

Thank you very much for your response!

Hello Gary and Dustin,

Do you have a Dell computer? 

We have noticed an issue where, for some users, the software is crashing when there is any kind of interaction with the file explorer (open a project from the Project menu, import GCP file, save as project, select the images when creating a project, etc). 

The crash is caused because of a conflict of a library between Pix4Dmapper and a software called Dell Backup and Recovery (or AlienRespawn, alternatively), but it is not caused by Pix4Dmapper directly. 

In order to solve the issue, you can remove the Dell Backup and Recovery (or AlienRespawn, alternatively) from the computer and try to create a project again.

Please let us know if the issue is solved.

Best regards,

Yes Dell Precision M6800

Will try your suggestion.


So far that seems to have solved my problem, Thank you very much!