program freezes when loading mesh at 40/100

Hello - I’m using a “discovery” version of PIX4D-Mapper - to see if I want to purchase this product.

I selected the highest options for creating the point cloud and mesh, and my computer freezes when loading the mesh at 40/100.

For “Point Cloud” I selected original resolution.

For “3-D Textured Mesh” I selected high resolution.

I’m testing on a low performance PC - but for testing, the processing time isn’t important.

I wondering if the limitations of my computer are causing the problem with the computer freezing. Or perhaps there is a limitation with the “discovery” version.

I’ve included diagnostic info - if you could help me resolve this problem.

Many Thanks!

Tribble Mill Test Flight 2_report.pdf (2.2 MB)

Tribble Mill Test Flight 2.log (908.0 KB)

Hi Joe,
There are many reasons why your computer might be freezing up. I would first ensure all of your drivers are up to date. In particular your GPU driver. These can cause many issues. Furthermore, if you have an insufficient amount of RAM then that can cause issues as well. I would suggest looking at our support article about computer requirements.

Thank you Mike - good suggestions.

My drivers are all up to date according to Windows Update. I specifically checked the graphics driver doing the Update Driver option in the Device Manager.

Are there any other hardware devices I should check via Device Manager?

According to the link you provided, my computer meets all the requirements for a small job such as this - under 100 photos. (68, to be exact). This computer is a Microsoft Surface 3-Pro with an i7 processor.

Do you have any more suggestions for me to check?

Thank you!

Hi Joe,
At this point the best thing to do is to attach your processing log file to your post. It will tell us much about your project. You can find it in the project folder:

▸ The project log file (text file): …\project_name\project_name.log

Thank you Mike - I included it up on my original post.

[Warning]: Warning w0045: Less than 4GB of available RAM was detected.

I think this is your issue. Not enough RAM available. Can you close out any program running in the background?

I was able to process the full resolution options last night.

No doubt, I’m going to need a more powerful computer.

The recommendation is for a GPU with 2 gig of ram. I’m not up to speed on current graphics cards. I’m wondering if more GPU memory would be better.

Thank you for helping me.