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Poisson Surface Reconstruction freeze

Hi all

So I was doing a hi rez mesh process and the PSR kept freezing at 33%.  I am running I7 3770k @3.5GHz Ivy Bridge with 16.0gb DDR3@665MHz with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 graphics card.   I thought my system could handle the hi-rez process but it stalled at 33% about 3 times.    I reset the processing options to default medium res but it seems it had stalled again at 33%.    Just watching now and my memory is clocking at 65% and CPU around 4%. 

Any ideas why this might be stalling?  Would putting another 16gb into my system solve the problem or is something else happening?  The project has approximately 300 calibrated cameras.





The same happened to me and I changed the options of the Mesh. There is one article that describes the problem I think. 


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HI Max…thanks.

I did try reducing triangles etc but no good.  I ran a medium rez mesh and it worked.  The sad thing is I had already generated a medium rez mesh and was hoping to do a high rez one.   Still wondering if doubling my RAM would make a difference.





I am having the exact same problem. any solutions? I thought my PC would handle high res? Specs below.

Hi Sam, 

Max pointed to the right article in his comment. The issue is related to the amount of RAM available to the software, if there is not enough remaining it switches the calculations to the hard disk which makes it much slower.

I would use Windows’ Task Manager to check how much RAM is used by the processing in Pix4D software and how much is used by other ressources. If other ressources consume a large amount of RAM I would shut them down, if possible, to free up RAM for Pix4D software. 

The amount of RAM needed will also depend on the size of the project, if it is too large and you see that a large amount of RAM is used by the software in Task Manager, it might be necessary to have more RAM.

How many images and at what resolution do you have in the problematic project? What are the densified point cloud and 3D Textured Mesh settings you have selected? 

I have a similar problem, the pix4d software shuts itself down at around 4% of processing in stage 2 on my desktop computer.   Is this RAM related???

Hi Andy,


Are all your drivers updated? 

Do you have enough RAM allocated?

Additionally, could you post here your log file?





I am processing the mission of 250 images but every time software freezes at 33% in case of poission surface reconstruction. I have 8GB RAM . Please suggest if problem could be solved.




Hi Shamsher,

As mentioned in the previous replies, the crash most likely happens due to insufficient available RAM. I would recommend checking the following article for more informations: