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Processing crash during Poisson Surface Reconstruction

I recently ran some processing that took 33 hours to complete the dense matching step, which completed, and then during Poisson reconstruction Pix4D crashed overnight (closed entirely). 

This is a project where I have 2 separate projects that I’ve merged together after individually completing Step 1 in each.  Below is the end of the log file, which shows the CPU getting close to 100% before the crash.  

Before I restart step #2, what Pix4D settings can you recommend to change to give me the best chance at success here?  I run processing on a dedicated AWS, with the ability to increase CPU and RAM, but it’s a fairly powerful machine as it is.

The total study area is not huge, a little over 60 ha.  I’ve processed a study area of this size much quicker in the past - does it generally take longer when merging projects rather than having everything in one from the beginning?


[2016.08.18 02:30:41][31%RAM][3%CPU][Info]: Poisson Surface Reconstruction [0/0] elapsed 000ms …
[2016.08.18 02:55:38][80%RAM][13%CPU][Info]: [PoissonRecon] Step completed, 73% RAM
[2016.08.18 02:55:38][80%RAM][13%CPU][Info]: Poisson Surface Reconstruction [1/6] elapsed 24m:56s:658ms …
[2016.08.18 02:57:18][84%RAM][98%CPU][Info]: [PoissonRecon] Step completed, 87% RAM
[2016.08.18 02:57:18][84%RAM][98%CPU][Info]: Poisson Surface Reconstruction [2/6] elapsed 26m:36s:404ms …

Thank you,


Same here. Have noticed a big change in stability with 2.2 - Seems to crash quite often and I can think of a single crash with any previous versions.

Mark, John,

I lowered the triangles and the octree depth, this helped. Check it out:


Not the problem here. I think it is a bug. I can only use the preset’s and any changes in CUSTOM seem to cause the crash. Mine crashes at 0% and I get the windows “this program has stopped working” crash message. We have 192GB RAM on all of our systems and RAM never gets over 50%.

I ended up changing the 3D Mesh resolution to “Low” (under Point Cloud and Mesh --> 3D Textured Mesh tab) and this helped to get Step 2 to finish.  Custom lowering the triangles and octree depth may have worked as well, but I didn’t test that solution.