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Point Cloud and mesh never ends processing

Hello, I am writing to ask about a problem we are having with some test mosaic we are processing,

When processing reaches stage 2 it gets stuck in Step 2/10 at 33% on Poisson Surface Reconstruction.

Eventually some time it finishes , some time it doesn’t and keeps on that percentage forever. What can be the issue ?


Hi Pedro,

You might be interested into this article:
Poisson Surface Reconstruction freezes at 40% while generating the 3D Textured Mesh
As shown in this article, you can try to decrease in the processing options the Maximum Octree Depth. When this value is high, it highly complexifies the calculation and leads to the crash.

You can try to solve it by lowering the Octree depth:  Processing Options > Step 2 > 3D textured mesh, custom > Octree depth and lower it by 1 or 2 units:

Hope this will help,