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Poisson surface reconstruction


I have a problem during the step 2. The processing freezes at 33 %.

my questions are:

1- Are ponts cloud already generated at this stage of the processing?

2- if yes, There will be no more changes on the generated points cloud?

because, since by checking the points cloud, a large part of the surface is missing, it looks like a tile that has not been generated.


I thank you in advance,


Bonjour Jacquelin,

You might be interested into this article:
Poisson Surface Reconstruction freezes at 40% while generating the 3D Textured Mesh
As shown in this article, you can try to decrease in the processing options the Maximum Octree Depth. When this value is high, it highly complexifies the calculation and leads to the crash.

You can try to solve it by lowering the Octree depth:  Processing Options > Step 2 > 3D textured mesh, custom > Octree depth and lower it by 1 or 2 units:

At this stage normally the point cloud should be generated, but I would rather wait for the step 2 to be completed before using the outputs.
Additionally, if you are not interested into the 3D textured mesh you should disable it in the processing options as it might crash as you experienced it.

Hope this will help,

Thank you for your prompt return,

So there will be no change to the point cloud generated at this stage of processing?

And what is your opinion about the missing point cloud?


Thank you


Normally, there should not be any modifications, but if the point cloud is not there, you should complete the second step. Then it should be available.