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Crash to desktop during Poisson Surface Recon

I’m running the following system:
Intel i7-6700k running at 4.3GHz
GeForce GTX 1070
32GB 2933MHz (4x8)
Pix4D 4.2.27

511 total images with Phantom 4 Pro (merged two smaller projects)

Point cloud generation (original image size, slow)
Time for point cloud densification 12h:37m:58s

Cleaned up pt cloud a bit.

Ran 3d mesh

Stays at 0% a long time. Eventually starts and gets to 33%, then stays there.
Watching my task manager during this time, my processor stays around 50%.
My graphics card stays around 75%.
My RAM utilization, from the start of the process, slowly climbs to as high as
Around this time, the program force close to desktop.

I’m asking it to do a medium resolution mesh.

Any thoughts?

Is my system just not up to the task? What is my limiting factor? The RAM?

Hi Matthew,

If you run into memory problems while running the Poisson reconstruction, then you can try to solve them by choosing a lower number of levels in the octree construction (see Processing Options > Step 2 > 3D textured mesh, custom > octree depth and lower it by 1 or 2 units).

If the issue happens during the texture generation step, then it’s possible that you have some singularity in the geometry of your point cloud (2 or more points sharing the same coordinate), but from your description I have the feeling that the geometry step is the faulty one here.

Best regards

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