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Processing failed. Generating grayscale normalized image

Hi pix4d team,

I am using Geotiff images and trying to generate a mosaic from the aerial images I have. However, I keep getting this error. Apparently pix4d is trying to build temp files but doesn’t have access to the files it makes! any solution?

e0046: Processing failed. Generating grayscale normalized image: cannot open image C:/Users/ah7557/Desktop/temp1/1_initial/project_data/normalised/L2_SRF_AARR_IMG_0039_1.jpg for writing. No such file or directory.

Hi @pix4d3

Are you trying to process thermal images?

Could you please describe your whole workflow?
(Flight plan, camera/drone used/processing option)
Could also please attach to your reply the *.log file?