Processing Area Not Available/Respected

Using 4.3.6, I am trying to create the processing area after step 1 so I can see the limits of my actual area of interest.  In the Mapview, the option to draw a processing area is grayed out and I cannot select it.  I can draw a processing area in the rayCloud, but it does not seem to taken into account when processing.   When drawing in the raycloud, I can see a transparent gray box where I drew the processing area, but all the automatic tie points are still visible even outside of the processing area.  I do have the Use Processing Area checked in the advanced tab of the processing options.  After processing, the entire site was processed and the processing area did not limit the results in any way.  Is there some option or setting I’m missing?  Thank you.

Hey Jason, I had a long response typed out with something along the lines of “That doesn’t sound familiar, but here’s my best guesses…” .  I thought I would take a couple screenshots for you before posting, but I proved myself wrong in the process.  

Is 4.3.6 a beta release? This sounds like a valid thing to send in a support ticket for.