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Processing area disappeared

It disappeared on map view when I change Min\Max altitude. I still can see it on the layers but after i close pix4d and open again it is not there.
Cant figure out why. Is anybody can help me?
Thank you.


Thanks for providing the screenshot.
The processing area still exists in your project because the corresponding layer is still active in the Layers list. I see that you changed the color of the processing area to red so it should be very visible in the rayCloud.

At a first glance, it seems to be a display issue because, even if the processing area were higher than the project area, there should still be a polygon in or around your project area with the same shape as the processing area. Please ensure that the driver of your graphics card (GPU) is up to date. If you use an NVIDIA GPU, note that you might need to manually update the driver through

I still have to ask: You set the lowest boundary of the processing area to 716.49 meters. Is it possible that your project area is at a lower altitude than that? What is the mean altitude of your project area?

You could also try switching to the Map View then coming back to the rayCloud. Sometimes it’s just a matter of updating the display so let me know if that helps.