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adjust nodes in a Processing area

I find it really hard to grab a node of a processing area to adjust it.

Lets say i draw a processing area and then i want to move one of the nodes. How can i do it? I managed to grab it a very few times. Often i have to delete the area and draw a new one…

Hi Goran,
Thanks for your interest in Pix4D software solutions.
We offer a support article, How to edit a Processing Area in the rayCloud, that should be helpful. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues with editing the processing area after reviewing these steps.
Aaron Woods

I do like in the article but still only works one out of hundred clicks.
See video in attached link

Hi Goran,

It look like you are directly dragging the vertices without selecting it. I would recommend you to first click on the vertices, then the processing area will get highlighted and then only drag it.


Doesent work.

Feel free to log in and try, with teamviewer

Hi Goran,

I have tried it on multiple projects and it had worked without any issue. My suggestion is to follow the steps one by one especially step 3.2 and step 3.3 of the article, How to edit a Processing Area in the rayCloud .
Can you try it with another project and let me know if you are having same issue? IF not, can you forward me the quality report of your project?


Ive had this issue for a year.

feel free to log in on my teamviewer and you will see its a bug…

200423_Folkhögskolan_report.pdf (680.2 KB)

Hi Goran,
same was to me.
I worked out that you don’t have to have any points of your point cloud in the background while you move/drag a vertice of the processing area. That works every time. You have to rotate the processing area so that no other point of your point cloud is visible behind the vertice.
I’m curious if that helped.

It doesent work for me even when there is no points in the background.

I discovered its a problem linked to the project, with some projects there is no problem while some projects is not possible to edit processing area verticles