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Problems with FLIR project/flights, my camera is Workswell Wiris 2

I have problems to achieve orthomosaic of IR images taken by Workswell Wiris 2nd edition. I know NOW that there should have been overlaps 90/90 % but I only had 85/73. Flight height was 100-120 m AGL. Does my processing fail only because of those low overlaps? I have made a PDF which includes almost every warning message that came through Log Output window. I can send that and I can also send the quality report after step 1. I have even uploaded to my own cloud service all the original images and the flight data of one flight . Could you take a look at those? If so, I will send them to you. I wonder if there is a chance to get good IR mosaic out of my data or should I shoot it again.

Hi Kari,

Did you use the thermal template for processing? Can you send a screenshot of some parts of the quality report? I would also recommend you to try the troubleshooting steps ( and let us know if it works.