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The mosaic and reflectance of Altum lwir had errors

Hi everyone,

After Micasense Altum data used Pix4dmapper, lwir’s mosaic and reflectance had errors, but there were no problems with other bands.
It’s good to use other software about Altum’s lwir.
Is there a problem with the Pix4dmapper?
Having shot at the same location and using Pix4dmapper many times before, this is the first time this issue has occurred.
Thank you

Hello @a78952123, As you know that the resolution of the thermal camera is very low so if you don’t have enough overlap for the thermal images this might occur. However, as your other bands look good, I would suggest you use a different rig processing option( Optimize Relative Rotation) and see if that helps to solve your issue. For more information visit,