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Micasense Altum LWIR processing

We’re deciding between processing LWIR separate from the 5-band reflective multispectral or doing it together. Sometimes we’ve been able to process them together – seemingly when there’s enough thermal detail. But we’re not clear about how GCPs might be applied when LWIR is combined with multispectral vs separate. In either case, the GCPs are not visible in the 80-cm LWIR band, but we aren’t clear whether Pix4D performs some magic to make the matching more accurate when combined.

In terms of working with the data after the fact, it doesn’t matter; we can either combine the bands with the LWIR or not. But we are just trying to find out whether there’s any difference in accuracy.

Our study site is a large meadow flown at 120m, where we get 1 km^2 per flight plan (3 flights with changed batteries at two locations).

Hi, If you process the thermal images separately, they might fail to calibrate as the resolution is very low. The LWIR is included in the altum rig in our database. Pix4D uses the green band images to process all the other band images (including thermal) as the green band has lots of features/variability in case of vegetation. For marking GCPs, we recommend marking teh GCP in all the bands or marking it only in the reference band (which is green by default).