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Zenmuse XT radiometric 336*256 resolution thermal image mosiacing

Is here any one who has worked with thermal images from Zenmuse XT radiometric 336*256 resolution?

I am not able to do mosaicing. It always gives me error:

[Error]: Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.

Is there any specific workflow for thermal mosaicing?

All your suggestion will meant a lot for me.


Hi Amrit,

Pix4Dmapper needs a minimum resolution of 640x480. Lower resolution cameras are not supported unless it is a rig (like the micasense altum). You can have a look here:

Hi Momtanu. I use Zenmuse XT radiometric 336*256 with RedEdge Micasense sensor on Matrice 100. My images from thermal is geotagged and has overlapping of 80%. Does the resolution still effect my thermal mosaicing?

Is there any way that I can perform mosaic?

my sensor has higher resolution than Altum thermal sensor?

Hi Amrit, Yes it would. Altum is a rig. A rig is a sensor that has many cameras and one trigger is used for the sensor when it takes images for all the cameras. The rig parameters (like the position of each camera in the sensor and how far are they from each other) are used to process the images so that they are properly aligned to each other.

However, for you, zenmuse XT and rededge are two different sensors. So even if you are taking images together it will not work. I am really sorry :frowning:

Is not there any way to mosaic?

Not really, you can try troubleshooting but we have never seen one work, that is why we do not support it ( If the resolution is low, it is not possible to extract key points and match them in photogrammetry.