Problem with orthomosaic generation


Just wanted to compare PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dmapper.
I have a problem with PIX4Dmatic. I’ve launched several projects recently and none have been completed. The problem is that the computer goes through the steps, but when generating the orthomosaic tiles it gets to 10% and stops. As you can see in the attached picture.

For comparison, I will say that such a problem does not occur when processing data by PIX4Dmapper.

Hi kintakt1,

I would look at your GPU. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

In addition, I recommend setting the high-performance GPU as the default. It is possible that your computer is defaulting to the integrated GPU which can cause this problem. First, (assuming you have an NVIDIA GPU) I would right click anywhere on your desktop and open the NVIDIA Control Panel. Then select high-performance NVIDIA processor.

Second, I would go into your Windows graphics setting and set the high-performance as default. The steps below are for PIX4Dmapper but it is the same for any PIX4D product.

Select the PIX4D executable file for the selected program, select Options, and then select High performance.

Pix4Dmapper didn’t need any special treatment :wink:

From what I remember, I set all the settings so that Pix4Dmatic would use the Nvidia card. On your advice, I forced Windows to always use the highest performance.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help to solve the problem. I recorded a video, maybe it will help to solve the problem → PIX4D Matic -- ortomosaic issue - YouTube

Hi Konrad,

I am sorry to hear that setting the GPU to high performance for PIX4Dmatic did not help. Thank you for sharing the video. I could see more clearly what is the issue.

Have you tried using the Standard algorithm rather than the hardware accelerated?

If this does not help, could you share with us the log file of this project?

How to export log files - PIX4Dmatic

Thank you in advance!

Rosana (she/her)

Hi Rosana Thanks for the tip. With the Standard settings, the orthophotomap is composed.

I have prepared for you another video SAMPLE PROJECT PIX4D MATIC and logs
SAMPLE (251.5 KB)
SAMPLE PROJECT-quality_report.pdf (22.7 KB)

from the assembly. I hope they will help you to solve the problem I met.