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"Point Cloud Functionality has been disabled"



I have run multiple projects through Pix4D to process my drone flights.  I only use Pix4D to import the photos and the GCPs, then use the editor to match the GCPs to the photos and run the full array of processing to produce a Point Cloud and an Ortho of my flight.  I bring those two items into Trimble Business Center (which is what we use for our Highway / Construction modeling work) and I edit the point cloud there and produce a surface for excavation quantity comparisons.

I have had a particular problem a few times (including now) that I can’t find an explanation to cover.  Sometimes when I import the Point Cloud and Ortho, I get a message saying the “Point Cloud could not be imported because Point Cloud functionality had been disabled.”…not within the Trimble software, but within the source Point Cloud file trying to be imported.  I may then process another flight on the same project and it will import into Business Center just fine.

Could this be a setting out of whack with that file or maybe I have too large of a file to export, or maybe a situation where I exceeded the recommended number of ties to GCPs (if such a restriction exists)?

Any input as to what direction I should look would be greatly appreciated.



David D.


I am not sure if I understand well. The message " “Point Cloud could not be imported because Point Cloud functionality had been disabled”, is it showed up in  Pix4D or Trimble Business Center?

Have you tried to import the file into a different software? Do you refer to the las point cloud file?

There is no limitation on the number of GCPs or size of exported file.