error in point cloud process

I completed a successful process to a job in Pix4d matic. After reviewing i decided to edit the z value of my gcps to a local datum. I then reoptimized calibration and continued on to re-process the point cloud, dsm and ortho. I am getting an error re-processing the point cloud, any ideas why and did i miss a step before moving on after the reoptimize??

Hi Ryan,

I am getting an error re-processing the point cloud

We would need to look at the log file to troubleshoot the processing error you are experiencing.

Could you please follow the article here to provide us the log file?

How to export log files - PIX4Dmatic

Looking forward to your response.

Rosana (she/her)

its ok, i just ended up re-processing the entire flight. next time it happens ill check back in. Thank you.

Hi @Ryan_Beisaw ,

No problem. Thank you for letting me know.

Rosana (she/her)