Plot trials in PIX4DMapper

Is there any possibility to extract values for single plots of a field trial? I could import the shape file from the drilling machine, showing the single plots in the reflection map, but I can’t address them individually to get an index ditribution or value? Do I really have to draw them by hand to get a ‘region’, one after the other???


Pix4Dfields has this Option. Once you are at your layer of interest within a project, go to the right sidebar “Annotations” and “Import geometry files or images”

You will see then at the right sidebar the aggregated index values per polygon. You can export that either as statistics in the Export Tab (Top Right) or as PDF-Report.

Thanks, I will try to find this… :slight_smile:

Sorry, but again: Does it only works with PIX4D Fields or are there possibilities in the PIX4DMapper, too?
(As I asked for this application before buying the PIX4DMapper???)

This is only possible in Pix4Dfields.