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Hi, my license of Pix4d AG is next to end, I know that this product is not available any more and the software to replace that is Pix4d Fields, but I’ve tried the free version and the outputs are not the same, I can’t see the average of vegetation index for example. So my question is if this is just a demo version and you going to improve the software? or maybe Pix4d capture will be my best option to continue my investigation?  


Hi Ingenio,

Pix4Dfields does not give the average index value yet, however, it gives you a histogram which might give an idea about the distribution of the values. It is not only a demo version, it is the actual software. Version 1.3.0 has been recently released and the future versions will bring more such features. Your suggestions are really important to us as we are user-oriented. Let us know if you want to see some other features in Pix4Dfields. For now, you could also use some other software like QGIS/ArcGIS to get the average VI for a region of interest. 

If you want all the features of Pix4Dag, you can use Pix4Dmapper with the ag RGB and ag multispectral templates. It will give you the same outputs as Pix4Dag.