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We want to customize and use index data used in Pixel4Dfields.

We have just started studying agriculture.
We want to customize and use index data used in Pixel4Dfields.
Is there a website that we can use to help you make an Index Calculator?

Hello agtech00,
PIX4Dfields does have an Index Calculator. To access the Index Calculator select the Custom index option.

Dear Mike_K
Thank you for your support.

We know that PIX4Dfields has the index calculator.
However, we don’t know how to index.
Perhaps we think agricultural experts are making those indexes.

Is there HPs that understands how to calculate indexes that PIX4Dfields does not have?

Hi agtech00,
Understanding custom indices and what it tells you is a very complex topic. In fact, the whole field of remote sensing is built around this. As you stated, agricultural experts are making custom indices and extracting data from their analysis. It is beyond the scope of PIX4D to determine what custom index you need for your application. I would suggest consulting with an expert.

Dear Mike_K
We also understood.
We will continue to study indexes.
We want you to list the indexes that Pix4Dfields already has.
“Index symbol”, “official name”, “purpose”, etc.
We hope to your support.

This is a good resource to explore indices:

Hi agtech00,
We are here to help. You can always post in the community or if you are current with your support and upgrade then you can submit a support ticket. We’ll do our best to make sure the software is meeting your needs.

Dear Julius-san
Thank you very very much.
Thanks for the information on the HP we were looking for.
We will study more using the information.

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